Computational Form

Computational Form is a class at Parsons that explores generative art, parametric design, and procedural generation. In this class, we will investigate a creative process in which form is created by following defined instructions. We will write instructions that a computer will follow to create images, animations, sounds, and sculptures.

We will make things that make things.


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1Jan 27Tile GraphicsPaperclass notes
2Feb 03Random Valuesp5.jsclass notes
3Feb-10Parametersp5.jsclass notes
4Feb-17Noisep5.jsclass notes
5Feb-24Comp Form Strategiesp5.jsclass notes
6Mar-03Generating Animationp5.jsclass notes
7Mar-10Processing Pixelsp5.jsclass notes
8Mar-17Turtle Graphicsp5.js + customclass notes
 Mar-24Spring Break  
9Mar-31Live Video + SoundVuoclass notes
10Apr-07Vector Datapaper.jsclass notes
11Apr-14Generating Textjs+htmlclass notes
12Apr-21Comp Soundp5.js soundclass notes
13Apr-28Generating 3D FormsOpenSCADclass notes
14May-05Microgamesp5.playclass notes
15May-12Postmortem PartyPen, Paper, Tapeclass notes