Sketch Music

Today’s Groups

Homework Review

Choose one of your partner’s sketches.

Today’s Learning Objectives

For Example: Steve Reich

For Example: Yoko Ono




This week explore the p5 sound library.

Challenge: Comp Score

Find a ~30 second video clip, perhaps a commercial or movie scene. Use p5.js to create a sound track to play over the video clip. Consider muting your video or choosing a scene with dialog but no music.

Study Examples and Challenges

Download Example Sketches

Example 1: sketch_oscilator

Example 2: sketch_modulator

Example 3: sketch_loop

Challenging Challenges

Recording Sound Output

// uses the p5 SoundRecorder and SoundFile classes to record the audio output.
// begins recording when called. records for _length_ time in milliseconds.
function record(length){
    var soundRecorder = new p5.SoundRecorder();
    var soundFile = new p5.SoundFile();
    setTimeout(function() {
        console.log("Recording Complete");
        save(soundFile, "output.wav");
    }, length);